A Review of The Hunger Games Movie

Apr 5 2012, 6:53 am

May the odds be ever in your favor.

A review of The Hunger Games movie 

                                                               by Victoria Bell.

I knew Victoria and her friends were going to the opening midnight show for The Hunger Games. They are rabid fans of the book. I asked her if she would give me her impression of the movie. With her busy schedule and an e-mail kerfuffle I have it. Here it is.


I thought The Hunger Games was going to be awesome and amazing. I even stayed up until 3 in the morning to see it. I’m not saying it wasn’t good at all, it was just that the books where so amazingly good that I fell in love with them in the first four chapters. I thought the movie would be just like that, but I was surprised that the movie was just GOOD.  They left out some of the things that I thought where important.

I think that if a person where to not read the books and saw the movie they would think it was the most speculator movie ever.  But, a person that has read the books then saw the movie would think the books are way better than the movie would ever be.

 I talked to most of my friends that read the books and then saw the movie. They saw the same things that where different and missing. For an example in the book, Katniss almost dies of not having any water, and in the movie she finds it like she knew where it was it was in the first few seconds. I hope that I helped I would say that you should see it for yourself.



For any authors reading this post take note of what Victoria said about falling in love with a book in the first four chapters. Because you write YA don’t think for a moment you don’t need to be sharp and on your toes because you’re appealing to a younger crowd. If anything you have to be even better.

 Victoria is 13 going on 30. She loves animals and competes in horse shows. She and her friends gobbled up The Hunger Games Trilogy and are now looking for other books to read. Do you have any suggestions?

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