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     Growing up, one Christmas and New Year tradition was Aioli. We had it other times of the year but it wasn’t the holidays with out plenty of Aioli. 

     Aioli on a slice of baguette.

     Aioli on a cracker.

     Aioli on a slice of roast beef.

     Aioli on……….

     Well, you get the picture. Aioli on what ever makes you happy.

     What is this Aioli you ask?  One thing it isn’t is mayonnaise with garlic seasoning. The word Aioli means garlic and olive oil.  That’s exactly what it is with an egg yolk and salt thrown. If you love garlic you will love this.

     Oh. Warning. There is NO—as in NO—way you can avoid garlic breath for 24 hours after eating. Upside is, no family who regularly eats Aioli has ever been bothered by vampires.     

Here’s the recipe       

Makes 1 cup. Don’t suggest you double the recipe. If you want more, make two batches.


2 cloves of garlic. Or three. I’m in the 3 group.

2 pinches salt. I use coarse salt.

2 egg yolks.

Approximately 1 cup olive oil.


Cut the ends off of the garlic, peel it, and either chop it or put it through a garlic press.

Put the garlic in a mortar and pestle with the salt and grind it into a paste.

In a heavy mixing bowl (one that won’t scoot across the counter as you’re mixing with one hand and pouring with the other), whisk (you can use an electric whisk but I think that’s cheating) the egg yolks and garlic mixture together until well combined.

Start adding the olive oil, drop by drop, whisking all the while. You can add it a bit faster as you go along, but as with mayonnaise, the key to success is going very slowly at the start. When you are done adding the oil you can adjust the seasoning as suits your taste.

Serve with crackers or thin baguette slices or anything you like.

                                                         Merry Christmas

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