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gh-season-1Rita grew up running the beaches of a barrier island on Florida’s east coast. An island brat, Rita spent more time climbing weathered oaks and chasing alligators than playing with the dolls her family gave her. She’s always had stories in her. Some teachers and adults chose to call them lies. But, she says, “piff, I’m stubborn,” and she keeps telling the stories.

She married a Marine, a man she’d known since she was fourteen and actually met when she was eleven. She feels fortunate to have lived many places and traveled to states and countries she didn’t live. She moved back to that barrier island and spends time writing contemporary fiction weaving her experiences into those stories.

Her first books have heroes and heroines in the military or government service. But, she’s started on a new series of books with collections of short stories.

I’m looking forward to writing more strong heroines and the men they love, and many, many short stories.

More About Rita

Rita reads or listens to two to three books a week. Prefers listening while doing housework so as not to waste time. She has no favorite author she just loves a good story.

She finds living on the island is inspirational to writing.

She can pick oranges for mimosas to take to the beach

…and watch amazing sunrises.




Walk many miles of white sand beach having conversations with her characters.

Look out her office windows and see banana trees and bougainvillea flowers.

She still chases the occasional alligator.




Rita can end her day sitting on the dock watching boats cruise by under a setting sun.

Or spend the evening with friends in one of the many establishments on the island that have fried shrimp and live music.

Life is good.

Rita is represented by Jessica Faust of Bookends, LLC Agency.

She is a member of: 

  • The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood the 2009 Golden Heart ® finalists.
  • International Thriller Writers.
  • Sisters in Crime a professional organization of women crime writers.
  • Not Your Usual Suspects- A group of Mystery and Romantic Suspense published authors.

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