Grammys. Thumbs up? Thumbs down?

Feb 15 2012, 1:16 pm

I generally like the Grammys. It’s a chance for me to see artists perform live. Best of all I love the glitz, glam and plain weird stuff. There were a few years I didn’t watch because I felt they were kinda over the edge and a little creepy. The productions the last few years have drawn me back. I also get a kick out of the red carpet shows.

The umm… outfits are so much fun. It’s not like the Oscars or the Golden Globes where everybody has to be all chi-chi-poo-poo perfect. It’s a place where the artist can wear what they want. Be glam or comfy, or absolutely wacky. I’m not much into criticizing what they wear. I love that Katy Perry’s hair matched her dress. And hey, Fergie is Fergie and I think she looked great. Taylor Swift’s couture dress was divine and what about her outfit when she was singing Mean? The best of all was the very lovely young woman who came in a gorgeous pink dress with a gun on the shoulder. Look out Sarah Connor. People were calling it the Terminator dress. I have no idea who she was except I think her first name is Sasha but, oh my gosh she will be remembered. Alicia Keys looked fab. It was so good to see Adele looking so good and singing again. And of course the Lady Ga-Ga.

This year LL was…well, he was Cool. I think he did a great job. It started with The Boss and ended with Sir Paul with amazing brilliance in between.   Honestly don’t know what my favorite was the have to say Bruno Mars channeling James Brown was absolutely the hottest. In case you missed it you can see the whole performance at his webpage The Grammy duets, Adele, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Tony Bennett and all the rest made for quite an evening.

I’m disappointed that the Official Grammy web page’t let us see more of the performances.

Did you like the Grammys or not?

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