Happy Earth Day-Tips To Conserve

Apr 22 2012, 10:15 am

Adjust your thermostat a couple of degrees.

Keep the drapes drawn in extreme temperatures.

When out and about, plan you trip to save gas.

Purchase products that have less packaging.

Buy local products and produce. Less energy is used getting them to market.

Reusable shopping bags.

Clean the dryer lint filter after every use. Even a little lint can reduce the effectiveness of your dryer especially if it’s an older model.

Water is the resource we waste the most. I have a gallon container under the sink. If I have to run the water till hot I fill the container and use it to water house plants. When my current water heater dies, I will be getting an instant heat one.   A water barrel is great for collecting rain to water outside plants.

Be sure you sprinkler system doesn’t water the pavement.  


I get newspapers and magazines on my ereader

Don’t litter.

What do you do to conserve?


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