Post Super Bowl

Feb 7 2012, 1:46 pm

Oh my golly! Is it me or do you think the flap over Super Bowl commercials is crazy? There was some I like, as I mentioned  in a previous post. Some I found a bit creepy. I mean the Doritos one with the great Dane that had buried the cat. I was thinking and what’s next the neighborhood kids?

Go Daddy seems to be suffering from a backlash of their quote unquote sexist ads. And speaking of sexist I’m not a particular fan of tattoos but gollee David Beckham looks good.

Clint Eastwood is taking heat because people think the Chrysler ad was really about politics.

Oikos Greek Yogurt posted the apology after angry John Butler Trio fans flooded the company’s page to complain that the ad contained a virtually identical riff to the tune at the start of 2003 hit “Zebra.”

Others complained that ads were targeted towards ‘older’ people. Like the Matthew Broderick commercial. Could it be they were marketing to people they felt had money?

Many people complained about Madonna’s halftime act saying she was too old. I wonder if age would’ve been mentioned if it was a man performing.

And then there’s the Mrs. Tom Brady thing.  If you didn’t know, Gisele shot back at NY Giants fans who were taunting her, saying it wasn’t her husband’s fault that they lost the game. Blaming it on some WRs. Give it a rest people- she was upset. Nobody went after the fans for the rude things they said to her.

And BTW there was a football game in the middle of all of this and the New York Giants won if anybody cares.

Only six more moths till Foot Ball begins again


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