Send The Winter Blahs Packing With A Home Spa Day

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A day at the spa can be expensive. You can create a much less expensive day of relaxation at home.   

 Items Needed:

Two hours with no one home. (You CAN do it. You deserve this.)

Device to listen to soothing music.

Book or magazine.

Plain oatmeal.

Paper towels.

Witch hazel.

Lavender bath salts, or lavender or rosemary sprigs.

Favorite body oil or cream.

Lawn chair.

Lots of towels.


Space heater if you have one.

 Set up

Mix oatmeal with warm water making a paste and set in bathroom

Turn on music.

Turn space heater to high and close bathroom door. If you can lock it!

Fill tub with hot water. Put in lavender or rosemary.

While tub is filling set up lawn chair and cover with towels.

Bathroom should be getting toasty by now.

Get nekked and soak in tub until water begins to cool.

Climb out and slather body with oil or favorite lotion. Drain tub.

Wrap in a couple of towels or heavy robe.

Cover face and neck with oatmeal paste.

Sit in the chair, prop your feet on the edge of the tub and chill. Listen to calming music or read for 30 to 45 minutes.

Use damp paper towels to remove oatmeal.

Take a long hot shower until the water runs cold.

Use witch hazel on your face (toner).

Re-oil or lotion your body.

Turn heater off.

You should feel like a cooked noodle. Limp and relaxed, ready to get back to writing, reading and dealing.


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  1. Mary says:

    Super recipe Rita

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