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 New Year’s Eve in my neighborhood was a tad sad. Every year since we moved here the neighbors on the next street over have shot off fireworks from dark until the wee hours. This year nothing. All those homes were flooded during hurricane Matthew. The homes are still being rehabbed and some will not return.

I usually spend the last days of a year catching up on movies, books and binge watching TV shows. 2016 was no different. Gotta say the small screen outdid itself with some pretty amazing programs in 2016.  Do you have any favorites from 2016?

I wonder about what changes 2017 will bring to our lives. I know several states had new laws take effect on January 1st.  

Californians hit the jackpot. Their state legislators decided Dairy farmers have to regulate animal methane emissions—that’s cow farts—even though the state admits there is no known method to achieving this.  Ummm….

And for you powdered alcohol lovers (yes, that is a real thing) it is now illegal to possess, sell, make or use powdered booze in Cali. That includes spirits, liquor, wine, beer and every other liquid that can be combined with water or any other liquid. It does NOT include vaporized alcohol.  Really?

Oh, and get this. California beauty salons and barber shops can serve wine or beer to their clients until 10 p.m. As long as it’s FREE.  

In other California news, some industrious soul changed the Hollywood sign to Hollyweed. 

In Maine, brewers will be able to up the alcohol in their cider to 8.5 percent, from 7 percent.

New Hampshire banned bestiality. Wow! I had no idea this was a problem there.

 In Pennsylvania, a state with notoriously stringent alcohol laws, beer distributors will be able to sell six packs for the first time.

 Do you see a theme here? Lots of states thinking about booze.

Soon I’m going to begin blogging regularly about writing. Mostly writing craft. Share my favorite craft books. Occasionally talk about why I write. Maybe have some of my author friends join in the conversation. I also will be inviting some of my readers to share with us authors what they like in a story.

My lighthouse blogs will continue because I so love my lighthouses.  Might even be a free Lighhouse short story for my newsletter subscribers.    

I’m looking forward to blogging and seeing you all here over the next months.  


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