The Rise of Hylzarie ~ A Flash Fiction Fantasy by Liza Roberts

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The Rise of Hylzarie


     Luciana walked towards the sinking rays of the sun, basking in their orange light where she reached a rocky clearing beside a small stream.

     The light turned salmon pink and the horizon swept to lilac, an evening star twinkled, signalling that this was the place. 

     Luciana knelt on the dusty earth at the water’s edge, capturing the cool liquid in her hands. Her thirst quenched, she opened the sleep sack that she had carried on her back and laid it out against the soft sand.  The earth still warm from the sun and smelt of sun baked clay. Breathing in the warm air, she sank into the soft layers of the sack, head cushioned against the mound she had made.  Eyes widely gazing out to the indigo endless sky. She smiled at the small stars, each twinkling in their own time and pace. All her life had led to this moment, to this night, to this place in her journey now.

     She was ready.

     Fulfilled with all that she had achieved and ready for what was to come. Butterflies fluttered and danced inside her, in anticipation of the moon rise. 

     Then, across the mountain range, a glow, a slit of light rising. Luciana closed her eyes.  Hoping for a moment, to be suspended, without the wrinkle of time to change it. A cool breeze wafted across her body, light and smooth as a silk scarf, sending a quiver through every part of her. Sensing that something had changed, she opened her eyes. 

     The moon had now risen in the sky as a luminous ball of pearlescent light. All around her was a blaze of silver and white shadows.

     Sitting bolt upright, she peered closer, making out shapes of heads, a scramble of legs and manes.  A soft hush flowed from the circle, the sound of gentle pawing and stamping of hooves against the earth and the occasional snicker and snort from flared nostrils.  It was then that Luciana noticed the glittering horns. Her butterflies rose again, but this time with each flap and flutter of their wings, bursts of joy exploded from their energy.

     This was her destiny!

     Luciana stepped from her sleep nest towards the circle.  The largest unicorn stepped forward to meet her and the rest of the clan, bowed their heads and murmured “Biancha the great white powerful one.”

     Biancha shook his long mane, jewels twinkling within the tumble of curls.  Upon his breast, a crest, which Luciana recognised immediately to be that of her family. Luciana bowed her head, reaching out to touch the crest with trembling fingers and whispering “I am yours” Beneath her fingers she felt Bianchas powerful muscles and strong beat of his heart thud within him.

     “I name you Hylzarie, lover of the moon,” he bellowed. His muzzle dipped, touching Luciana lightly on her head, sending an electric flash between them both. 

     Luciana shuddered and felt her long silver blond hair tumble across her shoulders and back. Her pale skin became translucent and her fine hairs stood on end.  Each strand grew and glimmered into shining fur.  Her coat flashed, sending rainbows of sparkles along every hair, a mane and tail shimmered silver pearl and her aura changed from blue to violet. Her delicate doll like hands and feet melded before her eyes into pearly hooves and upon her head, pointed ears grew.

     With a shake of her jaw against her dainty neck, she flung her head from side to side and her dark blue violet eyes and rosebud lips transformed.  She felt a tingle at the place of her third eye and at once knew that she too had a horn like her sisters.

     The moon high in the sky now, its luminous gaze of approval to the birth of Hylzarie below.  A shooting star shot across the sky adding to the celebration.  All was quiet. Then there blew up a breeze, and with it across the dark blanket of sky, clouds raced towards the moon. Their great billowing tufted balls casting shadows across the earth.

     Hylzarie looked up to see great Pegasus, imposing and encircled with cloud.  Shades of magenta, aqua, violet and blue swirling, flowing, circling about him, his long mane flowing with the breeze, unable to see where his mane ended and the circles began, his huge powerful wings arched high into the heavens, powerful beyond anything Hylzarie had ever imagined. His presence filled her, His voice inside her, a part of her.

     “Hylzarie you are the chosen one, you are the light and doorway to our future, you must keep the gateway safe, guard it with your life and only allow those with the gift through.  If you fail you will die along with your clan and their future.”

     Hylzarie reared, her feathered hooves reaching high into the sky, she threw back her head releasing a cry. Her powerful hind legs exploded her entire being into the sky, her spirit soared into the clouds, propelling her higher and higher. She felt so powerful and limitless. Her entire being filled with energy and light. 

     Full of power from the moon and universe, her hooves fell towards the earth once more.  When her front hooves felt the thud of the earth beneath her, the full heaviness of gravity oozed back into her being and the comforting sensation of mother earth, warmed her blood again.

     She was ready.



     Liza is an Australian social worker and successful social entrepreneur with three teenage children and four cats who is harnessing increased time and the space to extend on her writing. 
     Previously published co-author of social work practice programs, Liza is putting pen to paper in a new genre.  Filled with sentimentality and adoration of human resilience, Liza incorporates paranormal, fantasy and spiritualist concepts and philosophies into her fiction writing.  Writing sets her soul free and allows her imagination to wander, creating new landscapes and worlds for her readers to explore. 

Rise of Hylzarie is Liza’s first flash fiction in a fantasy world, and is an excerpt from a wider piece that encompasses a world where unicorns run free, and where magic transcends the human race.



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