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                                       WHY DO YOU WRITE?

Authors are frequently asked this question. To us it’s akin to being asked why we breathe. 

                                              We have to write.

We are addicted to writing.  Generally we use a computer to capture the words. 




Sometimes we make hand written notes.  We have pen and paper in every room to jot down ideas. 

         Bottom line is we get the heebie-jeebies if we go too long without putting words on the page. Honest. 

         I asked author friends from around the world why they write. You can see no matter what the genre we write, or where we live, our reasons are similar. 


         I write because I can’t imagine not writing. I love the thrill of a new story idea, the first words at the start of a new adventure, the first conversation with a new friend. I write because my mind is full of stories and stories are supposed to be shared.                                                                     Jo Jackson, Finland~http://amzn.eu/ac5mdRg   


         Writing for me is a tiny escape from my life like reading is for my readers. I love to step into another world, meet new people and play the what if game with them. Writing is one of my passions. ~ Autumn Jordon, USA, award-winning author of contemporary romances and mystery/suspense novels. Check them out at www.autumnjordon.com and while you’re there join my occasional newsletter.  


         I write because it is the way I express myself. Like breathing and moving it is a part of me and needs to be written. When I write I am free to create new worlds, characters and circumstances. When I write I can have a part in engineering my soul and the souls of others. ~ Liza Roberts, Australia.


         Writing is a craving deep in my soul. Breathing life into characters and places breathes life into me, allowing my overactive imagination freedom to run wild. So often bad things happen in life-writing fun, and captivating stories to share is something I want to be a part of.~Alyssa Henderson, USA~Facebook 


          My short answer is because the characters in my head are so interesting and I want to tell their stories. It’s an escape into another world. The even shorter answer is actually in my bio. “She writes to reclaim her sanity.” I started writing when life was uprooted by a big move across country, and then I kept writing to feel I was doing something for myself after I had kids. Readers can find more about me at AnneMarieBecker.com (where they can sign up for my newsletter) or on Facebook at “Anne Marie Becker, Author.” USA


         I write because a story lodges itself in my brain and I begin to daydream about the characters, often at inopportune times, like when I’m driving on the highway or riding my horse. It just feels better to let it out rather than keep it bottled up.                                     ~ Bev Pettersen, Nova Scotia~ Author of Shadows of the Mountain


         Writing is my release, my heart speaking through pen as words are painted onto the page.  Stories, real and imagined, are breathed into life, as my thoughts, emotions and ideas are released through my hands.  Parts therapy, artistry, documentary, and challenge, writing is my personal path to creativity and growth.                                                                                                                     ~ Rebekah Simmers, Germany.


         Writing and storytelling make me happy, especially when doing so makes others happy. I love to share new experiences, offer a small escape from the everyday. Give the opportunity to explore, learn, create something new. My imagination overflows sometimes, so I have to bring it to life with words and share the adventure. Writing helps me do that, and I just love it.                                                                                                                                                    ~ Carolyn Greeley, USA ~Author of  Emerald Obsession


        I have stories swirling in my head demanding to be told. Characters fighting to get ‘their’ story told first.  It was a very long time before I realized not everyone made up stories about anything and everything they saw and carried on conversations with people inhabiting their heads. I write to keep the voices at bay and….because I absolutely love it~ Rita Henuber, USA.  


                                Are you an author? Tell us why you write.
















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