The Vietnam War Memorial – The Wall

May 26 2012, 12:02 am

It was as difficult as going to the Vietnam Memorial. Tough and emotional. It took me three visits to DC before I could do it. I can’t explain why. Seeing those names. I didn’t look for the names I knew to be there. I knew there were names that should be there and aren’t. Names of those who didn’t die ‘in country’ but died weeks and months later in the US.

I did touch some of the names and there was a sense of connection. Almost as if I was being touched back.

When I was there a volunteer was assisting a woman find a name. Her father who had died days before she was born. Everyone around was affected when she began talking to him like he was there. People leave things. Pictures, medals, boots, packs of cigarettes and gum, notes, military insignia.

Off a few yards away a stature of three solders stands watching, guarding the wall and their friends.    










Another stature is equally as moving. It honors the nurses who served in Vietnam.  








The Wall Song

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