Under Fire

Olivia Carver has a brilliant career in the Coast Guard flying helicopters along the coast of Florida guarding against terrorists and drug smugglers. She’s confident, in control and at the top of her game in a man’s world. Everything is pretty darned perfect until her twin brother, a Miami undercover detective, is executed by the drug cartel he was investigating. Justice moves to slow for Olivia. Seeking her own revenge she begins a search that leads to sexy Declan O’Conner and one hot, wild night in his bed. Later, when Olivia learns he is a DEA agent looking for the man who murdered her brother she makes a dangerous decision convincing him to get her inside the cartel. He teaches her all he knows about the organization. Olivia finds Declan’s powerful sensuality difficult to ignore and loses control of her heart to him. Olivia successfully penetrates the cartel, discovers the informant’s identity only to be discovered herself.

Loner Declan O’Conner’s detached emotions and willingness to take risks has kept him working deep undercover for years, until now. His assignment to find an informant responsible for the deaths of four undercover officers almost ends in his own death. The informant finds Declan first; blowing up a boat – with him on it. Rescued from the Atlantic by the Coast Guard he’s blown away again to find the helicopter’s pilot is the beautiful woman he spent one night having the best sex of his life with. When she asks to join in his hunt for the killer he agrees. Declan will do anything to find the man who tried to kill him and he wouldn’t mind having her close. Working with Olivia turns into more than he bargained for. Her passion and strength draws out feelings he thought he would never have. Olivia becomes deeply entrenched in the drug underworld and his heart.


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