Under Fire

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Chapter 1

Late September,North of Jacksonville, Florida over the inter-coastal waterway.

“We have a visual on the boat,” Coast Guard Lt. Commander Jake Carver reported. Her gloved fingers tightened around the helicopter’s control stick and she increased air speed. The chase was on. Counter-narcotics had become her reason for existing and she was damn good at it.

Jake’s heartbeat matched the tempo of the helicopters rotors. Sweat bonded her flight suit to her body and trickled between her breasts.

“They’ve got those motors running wide open; the fricking hull is half out of the water” her co-pilot, Tom Crenshaw, said.

“Weapons ready,” Turner, the helo’s gunner, announced.

Homes dotted this part of the waterway; there wasn’t much chance Jake would give Turner permission to fire that big gun. The danger to civilians was too great and the sound of the machine gun bursts would bring complaints. The public wanted to be protected, but they didn’t want to see or hear it in their back yard.

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