What’s Blooming In My Florida Garden

Mar 30 2012, 7:36 am

Here in Florida it’s been unseasonably warm and things have bloomed early.

My citrus trees bloomed 3 or 4 weeks back with a few blossoms here and there snd now they are blooming again. What’s up with that? 






 The Confederate Jasmine is just getting going.  

The bougainvillea are blooming. They always bloomwhenever they feel like it.                                                                                                          


                       This is what happens when you ignore Hens and Chicks.  


                            They go crazy.


 The aloe vera has decided to put on a very nice display also.

I want to thank the mosquitoes in my backyard for taking the pictures. They’re already so large I just handed the camera out the screen door and they took off with it. Now if I could just teach them to do yard work.

For a look at my friends gardens in Arizona, Cynthia  Justlin Pennsylvania, Autumn Jordon and Texas  Diana Layne  click on the links

3 responses to “What’s Blooming In My Florida Garden”

  1. Diana Layne says:

    I did not know aloe vera bloomed–mine never has! Of course, mine is lucky to be alive, it’s in among my weeds, lol. And I know what you mean about those mosquitoes!

  2. Your garden is SO pretty! I’m jealous! 🙂 And LOL about the mosquitoes. We had them bad last year. I’m hoping they won’t be so bad this time around.

  3. rhenuber says:

    I have two different kinds of aloe vera one has a yellow bloom and the other has an orange bloom. We had such a mild winter that the mosquitoes are going to be horrific this year. Not that they aren’t every year.

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