Oct 18 2021, 11:11 am

   Today I woke to temperatures in the mid-60s here in NE Florida. Coolest day in forever. No AC needed. Big smiles here. 

   Spent the last few days rearraigning my office and, belck, cleaning. Needed a new view. Change is good for creativity. Now I can see the birds, butterflies, and what needs a chainsaw taken to it in the backyard jungle. Still have to shampoo the carpet but can’t seem to face doing that just yet. All the dust triggered a lovely allergy attack. But, I’ve vanquished almost all the dust bunnies. There are a couple, that may actually be dust raccoons, lurking in the corner under a desk that weighs a ton. With the cooler weather I’ll be able to take my laptop outside and write. Yippee!

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