Nov 7 2021, 7:08 pm

It gets dark by 6 now and I’m not a fan. On the flip side I enjoy the later sunrises. The sunrises have been spectacular.   

Friday and Saturday most of Florida enjoyed a good old fashion Nor’easter. Coastal towns and communities like mine also experienced King Tides. King Tides are unusually high tides occurring around the new and full moon. Mix 7 inches of rain, high winds and water and you get flooding. And, it was cold, at least for Florida. In the 50s. Town and neighborhoods had two to three feet of water in the streets. A few boats anchored in the bay broke their moorings, crashed into the bridge and or sank in rough water. Beach erosion is heavy up and down the coast. But Florida has been experiencing this for 450 years. Sunday afternoon skies cleared. By Tuesday temps should be back in their normal 70s range.

Have a great week,


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