A Magical Week

Sep 20 2021, 11:00 am




Yup, the 38th week of 2021 has magical stuff in store. It has a full moon, today. Fall begins Wednesday the 22nd. During the fall equinox, there is a balance of light and darkness. Our energy is harmonious and artistic. Hope so because I plan on doing a lot of writing .  

Heavy rains are predicted for the NE Florida coast—that’s me—and King Tides. Rain and higher than normal tides mean flooding. Nature is amazing. It’s gonna be a Jeep kinda week if I need to go anywhere. But, I there is plenty to do at home. I have a bucket of green beans that need to be blanched and put in the freezer. Get caught up on housekeeping chores. I listen to an audio book so that’s not so bad. Going to write three more Tips for Writers posts. And, drum roll please, write. Also finish editing three short stories.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. What does you week look like?


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