Mar 19 2012, 8:30 am

Today is St. Joseph’s Day a day to honor all fathers.

St. Joseph the carpenter was the husband of Mary and the earthly father of Jesus. Tradition says that March 19th is the birthday of St. Joseph.

In many European countries this is a big day especially in Italy. In fact some countries have festivals and celebrations that go on for a week or more. My experience has been with the Italian community and their St. Joseph table at church tavole di San Giuseppe, set to honor St. Joseph. The ladies of the parish prepare beautiful and elaborate dishes. Since St. Joseph’s Day falls during the fasting season of Lent the recipes are meatless. If you should visit a St. Joseph’s Day table in your community you will be given a fava bean. A traditional gift supposedly this was the food that prevented Sicilians from starving and it’s presented to all who visit as a good luck symbol.

Happy St. Joseph’s day.

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