Ram Island Light. Hendrick’s Head Lighthouse. Haunted Lighthouse Series.

Oct 21 2018, 10:48 am

Ram Island Ledges are a series on stone break waters on Casco Bay, Maine. The ledge was the sight of frequent shipwrecks. As the result of a  steamship wreck in February 1900 Congress appropriated funds to build the Ram Island Light. The 90 foot high granite tower is   located near the entrance to Boothbay Harbor, Maine an went into operation January 1905. The region has a long history of warning and assisting mariners even before a lighthouse was finally constructed. One account from a sailor tell how his boat was being tossed about. Lightening turned the night to day and there, standing on the reef at Ram Island, waving her hands in warning was a lady all in white, as if full of electricity. He goes on to say if it weren’t for her he would have struck the ledge. He was never able to find the lady.  Another fisherman: “I was in danger of running into the rocks when I saw a burning boat near shore, about to smash on the rocks and in the boat was this woman, warning me away. I quickly changed direction. The next day I saw no trace of the burning boat or the mysterious woman.”

The light in now private property. It was sold in 2010 to Dr.Jeffery Florman  


The ghost of a beautiful young woman dressed in white walks the shores of the beach near Hendrick’s Head Lighthouse, Southport, Maine. 

Is she the ghost of a woman who was found drowned there one morning, or is it the mother of a shipwrecked baby? In 1871, a vessel went aground on the ledge about a half mile off shore during a March gale. The keeper had no way of getting out there, so he watched helplessly as the ship went under. Some of the debris washed ashore, and the keeper and his wife went to pick through it. The keeper spotted what looked like two feather mattresses bound together with rope. He called his wife over, and they hauled it in. Untying the rope, they found a wooden box wedged inside, which was making strange noises. Opening it, they found an infant girl. Apparently the mother had done the best she could to save the baby, and succeeded. The keeper and his wife rushed her to the house where they dried her, warmed her and fed her, and kept her as their own. But the real mother, filled with grief and longing, may be the ghost who walks the beach.

What do you think? Real or stories. I believe it. What I wonder is why haven’t these women recently been seen. No one to help or did their spirit get closure?     

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  1. Liza Roberts says:

    Creepy and freaky for sure! Would love to check them out, but maybe in daylight hours only.

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