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October 4, 2021, the day Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp ghosted the world.

  I use Facebook the most and compared to many, I don’t use it that much. I am in groups where I receive local news, have global friends, writing groups, social groups gone. I have emails and phone numbers for a fraction of the people I enjoy connecting with. It been down three hours now and I’m thinking what-ever this is —it’s BIG.  If, when we are able to reconnect through Book de Face I’ll be taking time to get all my internet social link eggs out of one basket and making sure I have more than one way to connect with peeps.

How you doin with this?


UPDATE: Book de Face did return after more than 5 hours. What happened? Seems several lines of code vanished. Employees were locked out of the system. It was like facebook put themselves in jail.  All kinda scary. As I said I am exploring other ways to stay in contact with peeps. 

                All I know for sure is









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