This week I begin blogging again.

Sep 12 2021, 12:09 pm


Some say blogging is dead. Newsletters is where it’s at.

Alrighty then, guess I’ll work on a newsletter also. This has to be squeezed in between writing and life. I’m shooting for once a week. Mondays to sorta get our motors running.

 Okay, I’ve got this.

 Now to decide on topics. Health is a biggie for me right now and I’m thinking exercise motivation. “If You’re Gonna Buy All That Equipment, Use It.”  Eating healthy posts. “Is An Air-Fryer Really That Great?” Maybe recipes. “I Like Kale Why Don’t You?”  

 I have loads of ideas rumbling around in my brain. Writers have vivid imaginations. We can escape to exotic places for mini-vacations. Perhaps we can take a few mini-vacas on the page together. I also enjoy art. Oooo. Sooo much to think about.     

 In addition to anything I can come up with, for the next five weeks on Wednesday, I’m reprising the Haunted Lighthouse series. Love lighthouses and the spooky stories about them are chilling.  

                                                     Hope to see you here.



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